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The Buying Process

"I've purchased hundreds of properties for personal investment. This experience allows our clients to save big from unassuming sellers and their agents ~ that's the fun part!”

~ Marcel Ford, Old Newport Realty

We understand that buying real estate in the Newport Beach area can be a bit complicated. Quality, well-priced listings don’t last long and seller's agents have a reputation for being fickle. We aim to simplify this process. Our investigative and professional techniques aim at getting our buyers the best price with less hassle.

At Old Newport Realty, we use web-based technology that gives you an edge. We notify you of listings before other agencies have even marked them in their books! The secret combination is our efficient and effective technologies, combined with personal consultancy from agents that have decades of local expertise and experience. We ensure that buying your dream home remains a fun, relaxed and worry-free process – the way it should be.  After all, this is still a beach community.

Good Things To Know

Finding A Great Agent

A buyer's agent that works for you – that has your best interests in mind – is the first step to success. Do not rely on the listing agent of the property you are interested in. This is important. Occasionally buyers think that working directly with the listing agent will get them a better deal. But, just because seller agents make money on commissions does not mean that they are working for a buyer – their chief motive is to get the seller the highest price for their property. Their priority is to keep the seller happy – not to get you the best deal.

As Newport Beach real estate agents, we have a motto: “Live, and play, where you work”. All Old Newport real estate agents live, work and play here. We are neighborhood experts – not just because we have to be – but because we love where we live. We don’t commute. Walking around Newport Beach neighborhoods and absorbing the character and culture is our pastime. Property is one thing, but the neighborhood is everything. Our agents will help you find the best neighborhoods to suit your interests and lifestyles... and in the long run, that great neighborhood will protect your investment just as it improves your quality of life!

Mortgages And Financing

As a rule of thumb, most property owners won’t allow showings for prospective buyers who haven’t been pre-qualified. Getting this done is quick and easy - it will only take about ten minutes of your time. For your convenience, our Old Newport Realty agent can assist you in finding a lender that is best suited for your needs. Once you are pre-qualified, you can start to look for, and make complete offers on, homes for sale in Newport Beach.

Finding Properties

We are proud to say that Old Newport Realty offers more ways to find property in Newport Beach than any other local real estate brokerage. Using our online system, you can configure your account to receive automatic new listing updates by email. Our systems will search the entire MLS and instantly email you new listings that match your criteria. Best of all, you can create additional queries and save, share, print and ask questions about properties you are interested in. One of our real estate agents will be happy to answer your questions by e-mail or phone when you desire.

With our online search interface you can search property by address, neighborhood, zip code, school, price… (you get the idea) or by using our easy interactive map. Real estate listings can also be found via our RSS feed.

On the go? No problem! Download our custom MLS app with GPS technology to access property information wherever you are. Simply point and tap to get all the information you'll need about properties for sale or lease. With our tools you can always find what you are looking for in Newport Beach homes for sale or lease. Anytime, anywhere.

Our focus is making the process of buying Newport Beach homes a stress-free experience. With our technology at your fingertips, you will never miss an opportunity to find that home you've been dreaming of.

Making Offers

Old Newport Realty consultants specialize in making aggressive and well-timed offers that increase acceptance rates. We will be your guide from beginning to end – ensuring the best price for the property you want. The details we share online - such as age, condition, and location - are basic values that most buyers are cognizant of. Our consultants look at the finer details and all other variables that go into valuating a property – and the seller. Your consultant will prepare a complete purchase offering and submit it to the seller’s agent for consideration. We deal with competitive pricing, so we expect a counter offer.

The seller’s agent will prepare an estimate of settlement costs for their seller, then submit the offer along with the estimated charges and commission the seller will receive. This estimate is the primary determinant of whether or not the seller will accept. We know the score, as it were, so our buyer success rates receive high marks.


An aggressively placed offer pushes the seller to counter with their best price, and the best deal, on the property. There are many reasons for this situation. A major one, though, is that the seller wants to sell, not to hold. The seller aims for the highest price for their property, of course. But the agent would rather sell a property quickly at a lower price than work for months trying to sell a property at the highest price. Welcome to the real estate game. Once you have reviewed the offer with your Old Newport Realty consultant, you can begin the next phase of the purchase: accepting the counter-offer or counter-back. This is the fun part!

Once an offer has been accepted, the contract will be taken to our pre-selected Title & Escrow Company to open up escrow on the property. This process will finally begin the transfer of ownership from seller to buyer. At the same time the contract is presented to the lender for the buyer to begin final preparations of the loan and other necessary closures. When our clients use our Title and Escrow Company, you have the benefit of online access to your files anytime, from anywhere - simply log on to see the current status of your transaction. We keep these files accessible to you after the sale as well – they can come in handy during tax season.

The Home Inspection

A specialized home inspector will review the condition of the home’s heating system, central air conditioning system, interior plumbing and electrical systems; the roof, attic, and visible insulation; walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors; the foundation, basement, and visible structure. You will be handed a detailed report which will also help you with insurance inquiries. Many inspectors will also offer additional services not included in a typical home inspection, such as mold checking, radon testing, water testing, thermal imagery and heat/air loss inspections - typically known as energy audits without the diagnostics.

Closing Escrow

The title company acts as a neutral, third-party to the transaction. They will prepare all of the deed and finalized loan documentation for the buyers and sellers. Once all documents have been received by the title company, the buyer and seller are issued a "clear to close" on the property and then can schedule a closing date.

Once the closing is complete, the lender will wire the funds to the title company, completing the purchase. The title company will then release the funds to the seller. At this point, the home has now transferred ownership from seller to buyer. The buyer will receive the keys to the property. The deal is done!

Moving In!

Congratulations! Now it’s time for the big move into your new home! Aren't you excited?! Your Old Newport Realty consultant can assist you with picking a good moving company and as well as anything else you may need assistance on ~ we don’t stop working until you’re home!