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The Selling Process

Selling real estate in Newport Beach can be a long process. But, it doesn't have to be. Whether buyer's are local, regional, national or international they will see your listing to minimize days on market.

Home Valuation

New listings receive a lot of attention. If your home is overpriced during the first marketing campaign, you will lose buyers. Today's buyers know the area and neighborhood and recent sales, so if you're overpriced they'll know it and wait until you have a price reduction.

Prepare To Show

Homes that are clutter free or professionally staged sell 50% sooner than homes that aren't!

Old Newport Realty listings are secured with a smart card and digital lock-boxes that monitor all activity for your listing. All showings must be scheduled in advance.

Let The Game Begin

This is the fun part for us... Old Newport Realty is a marketing company ~ we're not just saying that. Your listing is offered on hundreds of paid syndication websites in addition to the free MLS websites are Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, and Home Finder.

All listings receive professional photography, brochures, postcards, and online virtual tours ~ the complete package ~ the whole enchilada!

Offers In ~ Yahoo!

If the seller makes changes to the initial offer, a “counter offer” will be prepared. We will always recommend a counter offer, even if the offer is acceptable. Why? A swift acceptance makes most buyers feel like they paid too much. We like to think that we should help buyers feel better by countering ~ even if it's as simple as saying, "The garden Nome is not included."

Keep in mind, there may be several counter offers between two parties, often involving major issues. It can sometimes take weeks to come to an agreement on everything… but we’re strong and we'll several rubber bullets for our clients.


Before the escrow can close, the seller may be required to perform various steps such as: strap the water heater, install smoke detectors and low-flow toilets, and remedy termite damage that were originally agreed upon in the offer/counter offers. Once everything is signed off on ~ we’re closer to closing.

Closing ~ Wohoo!

Now the escrow company prepares the deed for signature by the seller in favor of the buyer. At this point the buyer is required to deposit the balance of the purchase price into escrow. At the “closing”, the escrow records the deed in favor of the buyer.

The seller's closing costs include real estate commissions, the cost of the buyer’s title insurance policy, one-half of the escrow fees, transfer fees, document preparation and recording fees.

The buyer’s final “closing costs” are deposited in escrow along with the cash consideration. This includes one-half of the escrow fees, the cost of the lender’s policy of title insurance (if applicable), document preparation and recording fees, and balances for secured property taxes and homeowner’s insurance.

Following the closing, the buyer becomes the owner of the property and takes possession ~ and then it’s time to wine down (or up) and celebrate!